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We are proud of being the organization who operates and manages business under:

ISO 9001:2015 Certified
Quality management systems

ISO 14001:2015 Certified
Environmental management systems

We Speak Food Packaging

We communicate with your food, we tailor the packaging exquisitely.

Let us be your professional food packaging speakers that comprehend both characteristics of your foods, and market leading packaging. 


As professional custom food packaging specialists, we, at PacSense, are competent to offer a wide range of packaging options making your foods bestselling. 

Bestselling foods’ packages are built upon our exceptional keen eye for designs, and deep understanding of packaging engineering relative to food characteristics. Plus, they are stably supplied at contract packers whenever needed.

Our packaging options are manufactured in industry trusted food safety certified facilities with stringent quality assurance systems, and are in compliance with food safety regulations.

We hold multiple patents, copyright, and trademarks from our ceaseless study for packaging with foods, and from our extensive understanding of market appealing aspects.

This is how we speak and comprehend Food Packaging, professionally.


Since its establishment in 2008 with years of experiences,

PacSense has striven to expand packaging capabilities.



Core Value

Quality Policy Statement







We inspire relentless pursuit of innovation and creativity.

We establish objectives and maintain standards to fulfill applicable regulatory and other compliance obligations.

We promote material 
re-purposing and/or recycling where feasible.

We adhere to sustainable 
management of energy use and resource consumption.

We seek continual improvement in all we do.

We encourage application and understanding of our integrated management policy by our 
employees, suppliers, contractors, and other interested parties.

Our Mission

We influence

people and society in a positive way through business.


We pro-think

and pro-act

over market and 

our customers.


We set trend,

standards, and directions in the industry through excellent products, services and system.


Our sustainability practices

As a global food packaging specialist, we are committed to creating a positive environmental impact through sustainable packaging.

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