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100% Customizable packaging with optional features, and functions tailored for all needs




Any custom size available
  • 10LB
  • 12LB
  • 15LB
  • 18LB
  • 20LB
  • 25LB
  • 30LB
  • 40LB
  • 50LB
  • 70LB
  • 80LB
  • 100LB
Back seam type bag
Pinch bottom type bag  (PINCHPAC)
Superb printability
  • Up to 8 colors
  • Matte & shiny printing
  • Clear window at any location
Non-slip treatment
Durable at various size choices up to 100 lbs
Micro perforation at any location
Customizable size to fit the display aisle
Easy open tape
Any closure type of folding & stitching
Plastic handle installment available
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