100% Customizable packaging with optional features, and functions tailored for all needs



Any custom size available
  • 1LB
  • 2LB
  • 3LB
  • 4LB
  • 5LB
  • 7LB
  • 9LB
  • 10LB
  • 12LB
  • 13LB
One pattern pouch
  • Lower tooling charge
  • Price economic
Stand up pouches
3 side sealed pouches
Side gusseted pouches
Bottom gusseted pouches
Excellent printability 
  • Up to 9 colors
  • Matte & shiny printing
Durable material 
  • Keeping the stand up pouch stably stood up
  • Zipper closures with/without tear notch
  • Microperforation
  • Air hole
  • Custom size and shape clear window
  • Vacuum valve
Various material choice
  • Poly
  • Food grade paper
  • Hanji paper
  • All FDA complied food grade material
Suitable for all filling type
  • Manual
  • Semi auto fill/ auto fill


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